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Manchester EGCC Add-on now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!

We have just released V0.5.0 of EGCC Manchester airport, and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with the community!

This has been released as a cheaper price while we lead up to a full release, as it is currently in early access.

We have spent a lot of time going through youtube videos, blogs, vlogs, plane spotting, google images and forums to find the exact referend data that we needed to reproduce manchester airport.
There are now 3 members of the community who are actively helping with reference images/videos, to help in accurately depicting the airport such as for the new Terminal 2 Transformation programme.

Our goal with this airport is to bring it to a whole new level of realism and accuracy, which so far has been a hit with the flight sim community!

On release, the airport is in early access with the major building in place. As time goes on, we will be updating everything including the first models and textures we made. This means that the airport will get better and better over time.

We hosted a few giveaways and launched the airport on Thursday 26th Nov 2020, with smaller channels on YouTube and Twitch, and have received amazing feedback so far!

Here is what British AvGeek produced for our launch:

Join our discord to see development shots, file bug reports, and see what our community is saying about the airport!

2 thoughts on “Manchester EGCC Add-on now Available for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020!”

  1. I wonder if youd render the Metrolink? Its to the north of Terminal1. It looks rather grey and featureless at the moment? I saw in EGKK, the dev had a working Metrolink and had a couple of trains running? Thanks.

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