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Home » EGCC – Dev Shot #4 | New ILS data, More Stands, new PremiAir Building and much more!

EGCC – Dev Shot #4 | New ILS data, More Stands, new PremiAir Building and much more!

Changes mentioned in this dev-shot are part of EGCC update: V0.6.0

This update has jumped from V0.5.6 to V0.6.0, as we have added quite a lot and deserves its own version release!

The main bulk of what we have been up to was the implementing of custom ILS data into the airport. Alongside, we modelled the premiAir building, added more to the Runway Visitors Park, modelled the engine test area, and added all other stands which were missing!

We focused a lot on the runway visitors park area as 90% of arrivals into the airport are on Runway 23R and vacate to the right, and the first thing as you turn off the runway is Runway Visitors Park and engine test facility, so this area needed some attention!

The ILS data for EGCC is now manually set instead of using NavData. This meant that we had to test over and over again, each time making sure that the ILS was captured, the glideslope was accurate, and the location of the DMEs were accurate. We set up a small team of testers who volunteered a few hours of their time to test each runway multiple times.

The premiAir building is new in real life, so getting some good images was again down to the team of contributors who send in their reference images. The interior of this new building will most likely not be modelled, as we expand the core of the terminal buildings, we want to save as much CPU and GPU usage as possible.

Along with the new premiAir building which is the new facility for private jet passengers, we have added more detail to the Runway Visitors Park. 2 new aircraft have made an appearance, but we are yet to add their liveries. We will most definitely be revisiting this area to make more accurate in future.

In the same area, the new engine test facility is now modelled, textures and in place and looking glorious!

And finally, all stands have been added! We held off on the western apron to focus on terminals. Cargo also departs from these stands, so this is the first step to having an amazing cargo area! (none of the warehouse modelling has been done yet, but will come soon). We also held off on this as not very many people park here from what we have seen on VATSIM, so this was the obvious choice.

In addition, we have updated the remote stand lighting to be more accurate and a lot brighter. We will be updating lighting as we go, as we realise they aren’t very bright. We aren’t a fan of the hotspots which are created which look overexposed, but its better than a moody apron!

Unfortunately we have no images to show of ILS changes, as its not a visual change.

Updated Runway Visitors Park:

New PremiAir building:

New Engine Test Area:

Western Apron Stands (assets/clutter are a work in progress):

T2 Remote Stand new lighting colour and brightness:

We also fixed a few stands where static clutter would mess with the dynamic ground services, and also fixed some floating/sunken ground markings.

Until next time!

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