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Home » EGCC – Dev Shot #3 | A Thomas Cook hangar, 50% performance boost, taxiway markings, road tunnels and new approach lights!

EGCC – Dev Shot #3 | A Thomas Cook hangar, 50% performance boost, taxiway markings, road tunnels and new approach lights!

Changes mentioned in this dev-shot are part of EGCC update: V0.5.5

The weekend has brought quite a few new additions to the airport along with some performance improvements in the new T2 Pier 1 interior!

A few people have been mentioning that the Jet2 and Thomas Cook hangars were missing, so we jumped on it and now they are in the airport!
The more feedback we get, the more we know what to prioritise.

Along with the addition of the Thomas Cook hangar, we have revisited the interior seating and wooden roof trims in Terminal 2 Pier 1. The main goal of this revisit was to see how much we can reduce the amount of Polygons which are drawn when you are taxiing near the area. We managed to cut the polygons by around 49%, which in the long-term means that we can add more to the airport without it lagging.
In future we will always be revisiting certain buildings and interiors to cut back on rendering to ease performance.
The best part is that there is no visual change! All optimizations happened to polygons which aren’t visible (eg. the underside the seats)

The infamous A538 road which passes under the 2 runways at the RWY05L threshold area, has received some love!
Terraforming to the precision required is not possible without having haps between the tunnel portal and the terrain, so we will most likely revisit this in future.

Don’t know what gate is near you? Not to worry, we have now added all (active) gate number ground markings!

We have also revisited the runway approach lights and are now the correct one which are used at Manchester Airport!

Optimized Interior of T2 Pier 1 (No visual difference as Dev-shot #2):

EGCC Manchester Airport for Flight Simulator 2020
EGCC Manchester Airport for Flight Simulator 2020

Thomas Cook Hangar:

A538 Road tunnels and Terraforming:

New Taxiway Markings:

Temporary Terminal 2 new building:

Optimized and re-textured Terminal 3 Multi-story carpark:

New Approach Lights:

A severe CTD (Crash To Desktop) was happening at all remote stands when requesting a ‘jetway’ which never existed has been fixed in the V0.5.4 HOTFIX update released a couple of days ago.

Since then we have made small changes to a few static trailers which were causing ground vehicle issues, missing stand numbers, added a temporary terminal 2 main building, and many more updates!

Until next time!
(next update may include some cargo stand goodness ????)

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