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Home » EGCC – Dev Shot #10 | Version 1 released, new demo interior, new taxi lines, new textures, and a whole lot more!

EGCC – Dev Shot #10 | Version 1 released, new demo interior, new taxi lines, new textures, and a whole lot more!

Changes mentioned in this dev-shot are part of EGCC update: V1.0.0

The last 2 weeks has consisted of us getting the airport ready for the in-sim marketplace!

After the UK World Update, we have not seen any issues reported by users, which is great to hear! Unfortunately, the SDK is a little broken at the moment, so we cannot compile the project(s). Luckily, we packaged Version 1 right before the UK update!

Here is a list of all of the changes we have made for Version 1:

Complete Fire Training Area
Stands 929, 927, 925 added
T3 East pier new glass and basic interior
Terminal 2 Old multi-story carpark
Add new custom taxi lines to applicable areas
New Glass and basic interior framework at T3
All Runway Turnoffs re-visited
Updated aprons with appropriate textures
Complete T3 Stand 47 Stairs
T1 Columns redone
Updated All ground arrow markings to projected meshes
New ground dirt added to all stands
Airport Pub Missing Textures
Implemented ILS Antennas to runways
New Concrete Ground Textures
New ATC Tower Glass
Completed Fuel Farm Area

Future Updates
Now that we are at version 1, we will be moving to a monthly update session, meaning that instead of doing 2 or 3 small updates, we will release updates once a month. This is not only inline with the survey results that you all so kindly completed, but also will fit in well with the time it takes Microsoft to approve and test updates for the Marketplace

What about the Transformation Programme?
We have hit a block in the road, as the new Terminal 2 is lacking in completion, and also in reference images. As the buildings are still under construction, we will be updating as the real airport updates.
An example is the northern remote stands, as we yet have no visual imagery or reference of how these stands look.

Now on with the dev images!

T3 (test) interior
This interior will be replicated across all terminals in due course.

New ATC Tower Glass

Fuel Farm

New Ground weathering and Grime

Updated some areas where materials where inaccurate (eg. 05L threshold)

Oh and let’s not forget the new taxiway markings!

Thank you to absolutely everyone who purchased our first ever airport! We could not possibly do what we love without your support!
Getting Manchester to version 1 has been a journey in itself, and we are very happy to finally get it to its final (current IRL) state! We will be updating as much as is necessary to keep up with the transformation programme, so this isn’t the end of development!
Until next time!

4 thoughts on “EGCC – Dev Shot #10 | Version 1 released, new demo interior, new taxi lines, new textures, and a whole lot more!”

  1. Awesome! Keep up the fantastic work! It’s probably my absolute favourite payware scenery for MSFS!

    Loving EGBB Birmingham Airport too it’s so good!

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